‘Private landlords face ever tougher regulation and the courts generally protect the tenant so it is vital that your house is kept in order.’


Whether you’re looking to buy your little piece of England or sell a bit of land for development or rent out a House or Cottage we can advise you to make sure you comply with current legislation, get the best value and make sure your property is protected. If you have a buy to let property when was the rent last reviewed, has the deposit been protected in accordance with current legislation, has anyone inspected to make sure that the tenant is carrying out his or her duties under the agreement, are you making sure that you are carrying out your duties under the agreement! Maybe you have a problem with arrears?

‘The number of people with buy to let properties continues to increase although returns from this sector aren’t always as attractive as people think as legislation and tax changes can impact on the overall performance, buy the right property, find the right tenant, look after both and you should see your asset value increase.’

We can help find a tenant, prepare the agreement, deal with the legal requirements, collect the rent, inspect the property, deal with repairs and ensure that you get the best return whilst also making sure that your asset is well maintained and income is secure.

Client Testimonials

James has provided expert support to the Environment Agency on a wide range of Environment Agency flood defence projects in the North East. He is very knowledgeable on the issues and challenges we face in respect of estates and land issues. His input has been invaluable to ensuring that those who are affected by our works are fairly treated but not to the detriment of the public purse.

I would thoroughly recommend engaging with James and look forward to working with him again in the future.

I worked with James on a forestry project that had a number of objectives.

  • To improve the existing woods
  • To address poor access and fencing
  • To improve the shooting
  • To apply for grants to try and achieve those objectives.

James is an outstanding communicator, he is sympathetic and understands the countryside and he is very knowledgeable when it comes to the grant process. He managed our project and has put in a real infrastructure that will serve the Estate well for years to come.

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