James Robson Brown

James Robson Brown was born in Hexham and has lived most of his life on his family farm near Wark in the Tyne Valley, he was educated at the Royal Grammar School in Newcastle before studying Rural Land Management at Cirencester, since then his professional career has been spent entirely working within the North East which has lead to a great understanding of the region.

We Love Northumberland, You Love Northumberland, let’s work together to keep Northumberland great.

Having been raised on a working upland farm he has gained a vast amount of compassion for farming and understands the issues that face farmers throughout the year, he also has a great love of the Countryside and the landscape of Northumberland, something which he believes, as a Land Agent, he is able to help maintain and influence through his work on his clients behalf.

Now married with two young children, the importance of preserving what is great about Northumberland, whilst also ensuring that there are viable farming businesses for future generations is even more important to him, this long term vision is often shared with many of our clients which is why we can work so well together, a shared understanding with common goals can only lead to a win win situation.

Awards – Farming & Agriculture Awards 2017

Don’t just take our word that we are great at what we do, we have recently been awarded Best Conservation & Environmental Advisory Service – Northumberland & Award for Excellence in Agricultural Grant Preparation Services in the National Farming & Agriculture Awards 2017

We are really pleased that our hard work and dedication has been officially recognised and would like to thank our existing customers who have helped make this possible, we hope to continue to provide award winning levels of service to all of our clients over the coming years.

Awards – 2017 Business Elite Awards

We are also lucky enough to have been selected for a further award this year in the 2017 Business Elite Awards.

A number of candidates were assessed and the selectors commented that; ‘Due to your reputation, impressive track record and ability to shine amongst the crowd, we have selected James Robson Brown to feature in our upcoming edition as a winner’

‘2017 Business Elite Awards – James Robson Brown, the UK’